Reza Abdolee, Ph.D.

California State University, Channel Islands

Department of Computer Science


Cybersecurity and Wireless Systems Lab:

Master and Undergraduate Research

Automated cybersecurity Penetration Testing

STUDENT James Allen is a graduate student in Computer Science at CSUCI working on creating an automated penetration testing and monitoring framework. The major goals for this research work include creating a platform agnostic and easily deployable solution, creating a visual dashboard to provide clear presentation of potential vulnerabilities to the end user, and establishing an architecture that can leverage multiple, open source penetration testing tools. James graduated from CSUCI with bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics and currently works as a software engineer for the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA.

STUDENT James Allen is a graduate student in Computer Science at CSUCI designing and developing a decentralized Private Key Infrastructure (PKI). The goals of this research are to establish a system of trust on a network with few or many devices (eg. Internet of Things (IoT) networks), support encryption of data on the network with public/private key pairs, and minimize memory and bandwidth usage of private/public key validation and encryption.

STUDENT Security is increasingly a major concern for embedded systems designers. Hassan Asqiriba , graduate student in Computer Science at CSUCI, is working on a low-level encryption algorithm to secure the boot process from unauthorized access and alteration of an embedded system, mainly focusing on the three OSI layers that most embedded systems commonly use: the Physical layer, the Application layer, and the Computation layer. This research work addresses the ever-increasing need of lightweight ciphers alternatives to keep up with today’s demands for applicable cryptographic components, focusing on the constant need for smaller sizes, lower costs, and better performance. Hassan is passionate about making open-source more accessible and creating technology to elevate people.

STUDENT Dominique Malgeri received AS-T degrees in Mathematics and Physics from El Camino Junior College in 2020. She is currently an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Statistics at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI). In the summer of 2021, she is participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF) program in which she is a student assistant for Dr.Reza Abdolee’s cybersecurity project called “Online Cybersecurity Monitoring Platform for Web Application and Wireless Networks”. The goal of this project is to create a web application that companies can use to easily scan their websites or networks for security risks.

STUDENT Desiree Caldera is an undergraduate at California State University Channel Islands. She pursue a bachelor's degree in Computer Science along with a minor in Math and a minor in Chicanx Studies. She has chosen to major in Computer Science to make lives easier through technology. This summer, she will be working with a CWL team to develop an online cybersecurity monitoring platform for web applications and wireless networks. This project requires students to research cybersecurity vulnerabilities of computer systems, conduct hands-on penetration practice, and build on their software development skill set. The product of this research will be an automated penetration testing tool that can be run by regular computer users.

STUDENT Benjamin Hiebert is an undergraduate pursuing a Bachelor's in Computer Science at California State University, Channel Islands (CSUCI). Usually working as a tutor, he is currently an intern at Spirent and a research fellow at CSUCI. At the moment, he is working with a research team on a project which focuses on making an easy to use penetration testing tool for use in bolstering cybersecurity for individuals and small businesses. Benjamin is interested in continuing to pursue research into Computer Science to make a positive difference, and is interested in all aspects of the field; he is planning to continue onto graduate school soon after finishing his Bachelor's in Spring of 2022.